Spring 2019:

one of the world’s leading speaker’s training + LIVE SHOWCASE is taking place in NYC

And you’ve been handpicked to apply!

Obviously, someone thinks you’re a badass, sending you the link to this page an’ all. Congrats!

So, what’s the buzz?

Superstar, this is the one and only…

6 Elite, Live Speaker Training Sessions in NYC with Tricia Brouk, Award-Winning Director, Writer, TEDx Producer, and Executive Producer of Speakers Who Dare…

… culminating in a live showcase

on the stage where Lady Gaga had her professional debut:

In front of top international speaking bureaus, TEDx organizers and industry influencers, ready to make on-the-fly intros that will start your speaking career off with a BANG!

(Psssst…. did we mention you don’t need any experience as a speaker to apply?)

“I landed 2 6-figure consulting contracts through speaking engagements I booked after the Speaker Salon!”

~ Mari Carmen Pizarro | Executive Leadership Coach

“Tricia is where public speaking and business meet!”

If you want to speak on the biggest stages (and make great money doing it) you need to work with Tricia Brouk!

~Farnoosh Torabi
America’s leading personal finance expert, creator of the “So Money” podcast, financial columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine

6 intensives on Thursdays from 10 am – 2 pm ET (from May 16th – June 20th)


There are only 4 spots. You’ve been invited to apply:

But before I give you more details about the Speaker Salon, like the fact that you will…


100% of all past participants book speaking engagements – within 90 days of going through the Speaker Salon


Speaker Bureaus in attendance include on their roster, world famous speakers like Hillary Clinton, Alec Baldwin and Brene Brown


Most Salon Speakers double their investment within a few short months – the Speaker Salon is about creating an impact AND income through speaking

I’ve got to ask you a few questions:

(because we’re not here to convince you to apply, we’re here to make sure you’re ready for this incredible opportunity).

#1. Are you an established Expert, Consultant, Coach, Author or Entrepreneur?

You don’t need any speaking experience to apply. However…you gotta know your business. If you’re not sure how you help your clients and your business makes less than $100K/year, please don’t apply.

#2. Are you willing to become THAT GOOD, THAT FAST?

As in, you’re willing to go from “I’m not even sure what my talk will be?” to WOWING an audience of influencers, TEDx organizers and speaking bureaus within weeks?

I’ll show you HOW, but you gotta be willing!

#3 Do you have a burning desire to make an impact?

Obviously securing 6-figure consulting contracts and clients through speaking can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your yearly revenue #rockstar, But…

…beyond the cash, you could touch thousands of lives with the message ONLY YOU HAVE, and that would make you, like… Pharrell Williams kinda HAPPY? WORD.

If that’s a triple YES?

Then the Speaker Salon is perfect for you

The investment is $10,000

Continue reading to pick up all the info you’ll to digest before slamming the “Apply Now” button.

Take your big idea from “rambly” at best, to impressing industry leading agents with a talk to remember!

Over the course of six, 4-hour group intensives you have my direct support. I’ll show you how to…





…your signature talk – using the same principles of creating a safe space that I used in my work with actors like Kate Winslet, James Gandolfini and Christopher Walken – helping them perform at their highest level.

We’ll cover storytelling, stage presence, overcoming nervousness and how to turn talks into cash (the vast majority of my clients go on to land 5 and 6-figure projects from their speaking engagements).

Unlike other speaker training programs, I don’t send you packing with a half-baked reel in your back pocket. I don’t make promises I can’t keep and no one in the salon leads with their ego.

At the Speaker Salon I’ll have my award-winning production company “The Big Talk Productions” create your 6-minute speaking reel – so you can confidently forward it to your top choice speaking agencies and get yourself booked!

But here’s how this speaker’s training is completely different from any other out there…

The Live Showcase

The excited buzz in the audience quiets down, clapping, the curtain rises, and then…

…you step onto the stage, into the spotlight -with that message only you have.

The high-point of the Speaker Salon is giving your talk to a curated audience of agents, organizers and influencers, during our LIVE SHOWCASE IN NYC.

While you’re giving your best talk ever, look who’s in the audience watching you OWNING THE STAGE!


(Mel Robbins)

(Alec Baldwin)

(Brené Brown)

Harry Walker Agency
(Hillary Clinton)

Yum’s the Word
(Tim Gunn)

Ripple Talks
(Dr. Drew Ramsey, TEDx)

After the live showcase, you have an opportunity to network with all the speaker bureaus and TEDx organizers in attendance

The Speaker Salon Comes With Guaranteed Stage Time


8 am – (optional) hair & makeup

10 am – 12 pm tech + dress rehearsal (on the stage!)

12 pm – 2 pm – LIVE SHOWCASE

The theater fills with top speaking agents, influencers, and curated guests (including Business Insider, doing an exclusive video story on the Speaker Salon!)

2 pm – 3 pm – BONUS: networking

Hey, I’m Tricia Brouk.

The Executive Producer of Speaker Who Dares, TEDx producer, Writer. Award-winning Director

And you want to consistently deliver a goosebump-inducing performance. Every single time you set foot on the stage.

How to get there?

By doing it.

Not just by only watching a few hand picked participants (what happens in most speaker trainings *SIGH*)…

But by getting the sophisticated and elite training you need, you’ll be able to confidently step into the spotlight.

Facing an audience of industry leaders you’ll impress and move – within 6 short weeks.

Besides the live training sessions, and the live showcase in NYC, the Speaker Salon comes with $19,997 worth in bonuses!

(far exceeding the price of the Speaker Salon itself!).



As a TEDx Executive Director I’ve judged thousands of reels. AKA, I know how to put one together that will get you speaking engagements.

As the first bonus, I’m offering you a 6-minute, two-camera, professionally shot speakers reel. Created by my own company, “The Big Talk Productions”.

VALUE: $7,500



As a Salon Speaker you get access to my personal network – through (pitch-free!) expert sessions on Zoom (virtual).

Industry Leading Experts include…

Susie Moore – Award winning author
Jason Van Orden – Marketing Strategist
Michael Roderick – Small Pond Enterprises
Jenn Lederer – Motivational Stand up
Terri Trespicio – Tapped to Speak Live
Candi Cross- International bestselling Ghostwriter

VALUE: $7,500



Insider Secrets from a TEDx Executive Producer & Award Winning Director on How to Consistently Land Quality Gigs + Deliver Standing-Ovation-Worthy Talks Within Weeks.

Wondering how to approach Speaker bureaus? What to write in your emails? How to apply and WIN?

This online VAULT will get you all the resources you need, from email templates to improvement trackers and memorization tools

VALUE: $1,997


After our live showcase, we’ll gather and network with agents, experts and industry influencers, and who knows… you might just land your first paid speaking engagement!

VALUE: $2,500


That’s what you get for FREE, if your application
is accepted and you join the Speaker Salon

Your total investment is $10,000

Wait, there’s more? Yep!

Applications are due by January 24, and when you are chosen to participate, I’ll feature your speaker reel on my tv channel The Big Talk Productions (with reach on Apple TV, Sony TV and “Binge-networks” – getting you in front of millions of potential clients, bookers and organizers








6 intensives on Thursdays from 10 am – 2 pm ET (from May 16th – June 20th)


6 training intensives
The live Showcase
A speaker’s Reel
Intros to Speaking Bureaus
Guest Expert Sessions
The Ultimate Speaker’s Resource Library
Private, online community


There are only 4 spots. You’ve been invited to apply:

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